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About Us

Arsenault Family Chiropractic Centers exteriorArsenault Family Chiropractic Centers opened in 1995 to serve North Hampton and Portsmouth with a natural approach to health and healing. Our team’s goal is to help you achieve your highest quality of life by getting you pain and symptom-free, then helping you stay that way.

Our Wellness-Oriented Practice

We want to help you achieve optimal health. We’ll work to relieve your symptoms by getting to the cause of your problem. In doing so, you can be healthy and enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Together, we’ll determine what can maximize your health potential, then make a plan to make sure you get there.

Each member of our staff is dedicated to knowing you and getting you to be your healthiest!

It’s our mission to try to inform as many people as possible about the option of chiropractic wellness care. We want you to enjoy your best life. It might sound surprising, but chiropractic goes far beyond helping back pain. Some people who come in for such a complaint are soon shocked that their acid reflux goes away, or their headaches have cleared up.

Our patients include a high schooler who dropped out of classes because he couldn’t make it through a day of school. His migraines were debilitating. Desperate for a solution, his mother brought him to our chiropractic office. Just a few adjustments later, the teenager was doing great. He graduated and is in college, living a normal life.

Another patient is a 15-month-old child. His mother had taken him to the pediatrician, physical therapist and other specialists for an inability to turn his neck. This condition, known as Torticollis, caused the boy to have a dampened immune system and brain function. He couldn’t walk far without falling and had nonstop sinus troubles. After one adjustment, he could turn his head both ways. That night, he was happily running around at home. His mom later reported that his sinus troubles were gone, too.

You’re probably wondering, how exactly can chiropractic have that powerful of an impact on my well-being? Simple: we work to make your entire body perform better. Your nervous system is the information highway, carrying messages from the brain downward. If we improve the way your nervous system operates, your full body has the ability to function on a higher level than you may have ever imagined.

Put Your Worries Aside

It can cause anxiety to see a new medical provider. You don’t know what to expect. Perhaps you’ve been to other specialists and experienced care that was uncomfortable. You may also feel disappointed in not having achieved the results you wanted. With our advanced technology and Dr. Arsenault’s expertise, we can’t wait to surprise you with how quickly you feel better and how easy your visits are.

Insurance Is Accepted

We accept several insurances, including Medicare, Cigna, United Healthcare, AllWays, Tufts, Harvard, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. Contact us today to book your first appointment!


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